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History of development

PHUONGANH SEAFOOD is located in Dinh Thanh Commune, Dong Hai, Bac Lieu - near Tac Van Canal, connected with Ganh Hao seaport, it is 15 kms away from Ca Mau city center to the north - with two very convenient waterways which attract raw shrimps from both aquaculture and sea fishing of the two provinces of Ca Mau and Bac Lieu

PHUONGANH SEAFOOD was established by the founders who have extensive experience in the fishery. Before joining PHUONGANHSEAFOOD the founders of the company have been involved in both executive management and administration in many large aquatic plants in the province of Ca Mau such as Camimex, Seaprodex and Quoc Viet,…

In 2007, when having all the conditions, the founders have been conducting PHUONGANHSEAFOOD processing & export joint stock company. And brought together a team of skilled workers, heads of the production groups, factory executives and skilled professional managers in the management and control of product quality.

In 2009, PHUONGANH SEAFOOD put into operation a frozen shrimp processing plant with the capacity from 3500 to 4000 tonnes per year. The main products include: Tiger prawn in different types: HOSO, HLSO, PTO, CPTO, PD, EBI, BUTTERFLY ... and some other kinds of shrimp like The,

Cat Tiger Shrimp which are processed into products such as PD, PUD ... the company also processes certain high value types of squid, fish.

PHUONGANH SEAFOOD applied quality control of products from farming, fishing to processing and marketing under HACCP, ISO standard ... The company's products are sold in the following markets: The U.S., Japan, EU and some other countries in the world. With the motto: "Customer benefit is the benefit of the company." Since starting the business Phuonganhseafood identified: "the customers’ benefit is as important as our benefit”

We hope this message will mark the beginning of a best Business relationship.

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